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  • To capitalize on the Mainland as the marketing base and
    Hong Kong as the Communications Hub fot Asia deliver telecommunications services on a global basis.
  • To provide best-of-breed services and
    exceed customer expectaions.
  • To be the partner of choice in dealing
    with today's dynamic and changing market.
  • To deliver telecoms solutions and to provide a diverse
    range of services to zenable our partner
    customer's to capture new revenue.


CTM business overview
Fixed Telephony Services
CTM has adopted advanced fixed network technology that offers convenient, high-quality, voice and facsimile services for Macau residents; as of end of 2014, the number of fixed telephony subscribers was 163,266. With its advanced IP network technology, CTM has been offering stable and high-speed local and international leased line services for corporate customers to enjoy reliable, high-quality and secure communications channels.

Meanwhile, CTM has been actively expanding and optimizing the company’s worldwide network by signing mutual agreements with major telecom operators in different countries and districts.

In addition, CTM has been continuing to develop a wide range of fixed line value-added services for individual and corporate users to enjoy the convenience and advantages of the latest telecommunication services, including IDD 050 discount and other fixed line service privileges.

Mobile Services
As of end of 2014, CTM continued to maintain the leading position in Macau’s mobile arena with mobile subscribers increased by 3% to 813,978, and mobile broadband subscribers increased by 8% to 188,394.

To cope with the growing demand for data services, CTM has developed a range of innovative value-added mobile services which includes the “CTM Buddy” mobile app, “Bridge DataRoam Unlimited” service, and a series of the latest smartphones, with the objective of enabling Macau residents to enjoy the benefits of CTM’s unique dual network with both Wi-Fi and mobile broadband services.

In addition, CTM has joined hands with various organizations to launch diversified and exclusive telecom offers, including lowering the Mainland roaming tariff twice in six months for mobile customers to enjoy quality and affordable roaming service; and also developing “eShop” service to address the speedy pace of urban life.

4G is a key development project for CTM, who is the only telecom operator in Macau with two operating modes, namely Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) and Time Division Duplex (TDD). CTM is now in full effort to building the 4G network, with aims to provide residents with the most advanced 4G mobile services.

Internet Services
As of end of 2014, CTM Internet subscribers increased to nearly 162,000, a rise of 6% year-on-year. Residential fiber-optic broadband users increased significantly by 110% to a total of 31,163.

CTM strives to promote the advantages of the unique dual network in Macau and continue to expand the number of Wi-Fi service users. The current number of CTM Wi-Fi hotspots has been increased to more than 500 at major tourist spots, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, libraries, shopping centers around Macau and at the ferry terminal and International Airport; meanwhile, the company also provides free Wi-Fi service at all CTM shops for customers to enjoy a more convenient internet experience.

This year, CTM aims to expand its fiber coverage to 100% across the city, to extend the number of CTM Wi-Fi hotspot to 1,000, and to set up Wi-Fi hotspots in the bus routes.

Enterprise Solutions
CTM has provided comprehensive, tailor-made enterprise solutions to corporate clients including government departments, education institutions, hospitals, major gaming and entertainment corporations and SMEs. The company also won a number of major projects including the contract for the construction of a CCTV system for the Venetian Macau and the Wynn Palace and installed over 10,000 CCTV monitors; the operating contract for the “Wi-Fi Go” service and other related expansion projects.

Moreover, CTM has also successfully provided diversified telecom services and technical support for various major activities organized by the government, including one-stop telecom service for the celebration activities of the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the MSAR Government; registration and enrollment services for the Macau Government Summer Activities program for the 13th consecutive year; the sole telecom service provider for the Macau Grand Prix Committee for the 12th consecutive year; and a series of high-quality telecom and information technology supporting services for the 8th APEC Tourism Ministerial Meeting and 45th APEC Tourism Working Group held in Macau for the first time.