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  • To capitalize on the Mainland as the marketing base and
    Hong Kong as the Communications Hub fot Asia deliver telecommunications services on a global basis.
  • To provide best-of-breed services and
    exceed customer expectaions.
  • To be the partner of choice in dealing
    with today's dynamic and changing market.
  • To deliver telecoms solutions and to provide a diverse
    range of services to zenable our partner
    customer's to capture new revenue.


IP eXchange (IPX)

To support next generation LTE networks, it’s time to move to IPX, the technology that has been selected by GSMA for handling Roaming for LTE signaling.

Today's mobile services are converging towards IP technology not merely for better efficiency and cost-effectiveness, but also for higher performance and flexibility. Transitioning to IP provides an advantage for competing in a market where all services and infrastructures are moving to IP-based technologies that offer greater flexibility and mobility. In addition, legacy GRX architecture will not be able to handle high-performance international roaming for the next generation of mobile services.

IPX is the next step toward LTE, and CITIC Telecom’s IPX provides a one-stop shop service to enabling high quality services via a managed IP network solution. It allows operators to leverage next generation interconnect services that use consistent commercial models and capture revenue opportunities.

  • Flexible business model and cost savings
    (Voice services example: VoIP saves 30% to 50% in capital costs compared to voice over TDM). Industry trends show that the capital cost per bit of IP technology (a growing technology) is decreasing, while that of TDM (an aging technology) is increasing.

  • Multiple services over the same connection
    Service providers and operators can access CITIC Telecom’s full suite of voice, messaging, roaming, data and value-added services over a single interconnect and single network. A single network translates into operations simplification and reduced power and footprint requirements, which lead to further operational costs reduction.

  • Quality of Service assurance
    Our managed network is based on a private MPLS network with guaranteed IP QoS attributes, such as CLI delivery, KPI monitoring, MOS, etc.

  • Future-proof, secure interconnectivity framework and foundation to 4G roaming
    For QoS and security reasons, CITIC Telecom International’s IPX network is protected with advanced security measures and logically isolated from other networks that use the Internet or are accessible from the Internet.

  • Enables IP interworking with protocol conversion and mediation

  • Policy-based routing allows flexible routing according to destination group and service class

  • Legacy support with TDM break-in/break-out

  • Supports MNP/LNP to guarantee direct termination