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  • To capitalize on the Mainland as the marketing base and
    Hong Kong as the Communications Hub fot Asia deliver telecommunications services on a global basis.
  • To provide best-of-breed services and
    exceed customer expectaions.
  • To be the partner of choice in dealing
    with today's dynamic and changing market.
  • To deliver telecoms solutions and to provide a diverse
    range of services to zenable our partner
    customer's to capture new revenue.


Corporate Voice

As one Asia Pacific’s leading international telecommunications hubs, CITIC Telecom International provides circuit-switched voice service solutions to corporate customers via multiple international points-of-presence. We handle a substantial portion of voice traffic for worldwide telecommunications operators and recognize the challenges and demands of today’s dynamic economy. Our commitment to provide our wholesale customers with reliable, high quality telecommunications is evident in our perennial utilization of the industry’s most advanced networking technologies.

By going beyond mere understanding, to intelligently anticipate the needs of our valued customers, CITIC Telecom International has created a comprehensive array of innovative value-added services that give our customers the extra edge to capitalize on opportunities in their global businesses. With our reliable International Hubbing Services, our wholesale customers are able to provide high quality international and roaming fixed, mobile and hybrid voice solutions to their end-customers globally at competitive rates.

Our single-source Voice Hubbing Services deliver a full spectrum of wholesale voice capabilities that can be tailored to increase flexibility for our wholesale customers. CITIC Telecom International’s advanced worldwide voice networking infrastructure provides the foundation for a simplified purchase process to increase marketability through white labels offers. Our customers can also rely on our high quality network and 24x7 live operator support to help them achieve profitability.